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History of AMDG

AMDG means the Association of Dentists in Geneva. It was founded November 7, 1941 following the merger of :

THE ASSOCIATION OF DOCTORS OF DENTAL CANTON OF GENEVA , former Union of Doctors Dental Surgeons ( founded in 1911) ,
The COMPANY OF DENTAL MEDICINE GENEVA , former Society Dental Surgery ( founded in 1915 ) and
The GENEVOISE SECTION OF A . R.P.A. Switzerland (Association for Research on periodontitis , founded in 1931 )

These societies have decided to unite their efforts in order to better assert, promote and develop their common professional ideal.

The aim was to take care of all that was in direct and indirect relationship with the practice of dentistry throughout the cantonal territory, including – related occupations such as dental assistants , and dental technicians .

AMDG is the cantonal section of the SSO which hold the home swiss office .

Their status provide four categories of membership: regular , free , associate , honorary .

Their committee is currently composed of a president and six members, all physicians practicing dentists. It is supported by a secretariat for its administration.

Its members are invited to attend two general meetings per year to be informed of all the current issues and take any decision affecting the association.

The first dental school in Europe recognized by the state opened in Geneva in 1881.
In 1898 came into force the first Act Dentistry under the leadership of Friedrich Wellauer , one of the founding fathers of the SSO .