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Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions and squeletal malformations.

Orthodontic appliance (“braces”) is the term used for any type of corrective measures. These orthodontic treatments are performed by a specialist in orthodontics (SSO in Switzerland) who has followed a minimum of 3 years of postgraduate training in a Swiss University.

Initial records including photos, casts and radiographs (usually ortopantomogram and lateral head film) are essential to make a diagnosis, to establish a treatment plan and to prepare the cost estimate.
The orthodontic treatments are always performed in a healthy oral cavity; therefore, it is necessary to have a general check up with the family dentist prior to the placement of orthodontic appliances.
Regular check ups for cavities and preventive measures are maintained regularly independently of the orthodontic treatment.

These treatments can also concern adults, usually because of aesthetic concerns.
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