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Prophylaxis (disease prevention) regroups measures aiming at the prevention of diseases of infectious origin in the oral cavity, such as caries and periodontal disease (gingiva and bone).

This aspect of dentistry is of great importance to the SSO.

By taking various measures the SSO has considerably reduced the incidence of oral disease in our country, particularly by targeting specific groups (Paediatricians, Schools, Old Peoples Homes, etc…). Numerous epidemiological studies performed at Swiss Universities gave evidence to their efficiency.

These preventive measures are:

  • A healthy and well balanced diet (no sugar-no cavities)
  • Ingestion of Fluor (salt, pills) with food during the tooth formation (from birth to adulthood)
  • Instructions on brushing and flossing technique
  • Oral hygiene performed  at least twice daily
  • Regular visits to the dental hygienist
  • Placement of “sealants” on the permanent teeth of young patients especially those with high caries risk
  • Information to caretakers in Old Peoples Homes

Note: the efficiency of these measures depends greatly on personal responsibility.