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Aesthetics and bleaching

The aesthetics of dental restorations has always been an important concern for the dental profession. During the last couple of years there has been great progress in this field.
Particularly the bleaching treatment for home use. This is done with a special gel using individual trays made from dental impressions by the dentist or the hygienist.
This daily (or nightly) treatment is performed by the patient during 10 to 20 days.
See “materials, bleaching products”

Various dentists also propose an “in office bleaching”. This technique is faster but more expensive.

Note that some non-dental offices also propose dental bleaching. The legislation has voluntarily limited the concentration of the products they are allowed to use. This explains why the efficiency of this alternative is weaker.

Composite fillings performed in a dental office or in a laboratory will resolve satisfactorily most aesthetic problems.

Ceramic laminate veneers are mainly made for the anterior teeth, which are visible when smiling. They are made by a dental technician in a laboratory and are therefore more expensive than composites.

In certain mild cases, a micro abrasion technique can also diminish the visibility of dental stains.

In conclusion your dentist is the only competent person to objectively and professionally guide you concerning the different possibilities of dental aesthetic improvements on the market.