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Dental Hygienist

This is called a therapeutic medical profession.
The dental hygienist is part of the healthcare team and generally work in a private dental practice, but can also be found in homes , hospitals , dental clinics or university , or very rarely as an independent .
They takes care of patients in the field of oral hygiene , ensures their professional care and monitoring, gives individual counseling they seem appropriate , address the impact of diet on oral health, make a clinical examination and radiographs, make guidelines for the dentist , landmark inflammation of the gums, measure and document the periodontal pockets to follow evolution. They remove of excess tartar and sub gingival deposits and possible overflow fillings, polish fillings, provides topical fluoridation of teeth or using gutters, performs bleaching , works for prevention at all levels , makes their administrative work in patient records.
Main qualifications
– Interest in dentistry as a therapeutic and preventive aspect
– Capacity of observation and attention
– Interest in human relationships and ease in communication
– Understanding of pedagogy
– Great manual dexterity , precision, thoroughness
admission to training
– Be 18 years
– Vocational Training ( CTC AM ? ) Or certificate of graduation from secondary level 2
– Success skills ( learning manual , ability and personality test ) test
College of Dental Hygienists ESHYD
Boulevard Cluse 16 , 1205 Genève
Tel. 022.388.35.00 Fax . 022.388.35.67

Swiss Dental Hygienists SDH
Bahnhofstrasse 7b , 6210 Sursee
Tel. 041.926.07.90 Fax 041.926.07.99
(more information on www.sso , c Professions cabinet )