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Personal oral hygiene


  • A good toothbrush should be soft. An electric toothbrush is often recommended (rotating or sonic) for elderly and handicaped people.
  • The brush should be replaced every 2-3 months.
  • Interdental cleaning: dental floss, toothpicks or interdental brushes depending on the local morphology. Note that the “water pic” never totally eliminates the plaque.
  • The toothpaste should contain fluoride, there are also specific toothpastes for sensitive gums. Sometimes it is recommended to alternate between these options.
  • A mouth rinse or saline solution is also recommended. Considering the amount of products on the market, it is recommended to ask your dentists’ or hygienists’ advice.

Brushing technique:

  • The most important area is the neck of the tooth.
  • A circular movement is recommended, this is the technique adopted by most electric toothbrushes. This movement also massages the gum. Only brushing the teeth is insufficient. The brushing begins on the outside and finishes on the internal surfaces of the teeth.


  • 2 minutes
  • The interdental cleaning is essential for a complete hygiene.
  • It is essential to eliminate plaque within 30 minutes of its deposition.

Removable Prosthesis (and removable orthodontic appliances):

  • Dentures also need cleaning. It is not sufficient to rinse them! Ask your hygienist or your orthodontist for advice.

Fixed Orthodontic appliances:

  • Ask your hygienist or orthodontist about specially adapted brushes.