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General Hospice (HG)

The General Hospice (HG) is responsible for implementing the social policy of the Canton of Geneva. He spends most of his time to social assistance for the poor and the reception of asylum seekers.

The conditions for granting aid are specifically defined to ensure fair treatment of beneficiaries.

HG supports social dental treatment on the basis of well-defined criteria .

The patient clarify its status ( HG or asylum seeker ) to cabinet secretariat when making appointments .

During his first visit he presented a certificate that is a beneficiary of the HG. One piece of identification may be requested him.

The dentist will send an estimate of fees directly to the patient who will pass it to his assistant / social e / e .

The treatment according to specifications may only begin after receipt of the final approval of the dentist ‘s consulting HG .

The amount of emergency treatment is strictly limited to 500 Fr . – .

At the end of the processing fee note will be sent directly to the patient who will transmit promptly to his assistant / social e / e .