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Crowns and bridges

A crown is a solitary element of a fixed prosthesis. It is fixed to a natural pillar or to an implant, and it covers the tooth partially or totally.

A metal structure (cape) will be made in a gold alloy or in ceramics; the technician will entirely reconstruct the volume in the shape and tone of the natural tooth. The ceramic crown is made in a special oven according to very precise instructions.

After trying it in the oral cavity, and possibly perform slight modifications, the crown is sealed or glued, sometimes temporarily.

Partial covering of an anterior tooth is called a “laminate veneer”.

Partial covering of a posterior tooth is called an “onlay.”

Available materials: yellow or white gold, ceramic or resin.

Your dentist can advise you as to which is the best choice for you.

A bridge will replace one or several missing teeth. It is composed of 3 to 14 elements.
The pillars can be natural teeth or implants.

The complete rehabilitation of a dental arch often includes a combination of fixed and removable prosthesis.

To insure visibility, the laboratory work should be mentioned separately on the invoice.