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Treatment abroad at very attractive prices

To be treated quickly and completely, in a hyper -modern office with a friendly team, in addition to offering a dream vacation in a quality hotel , how can you resist ?
We want to forget that , even here , any dental treatment requires regular monitoring by the responsible practitioner . The short-term problems are rare, but exist in the medium and long term. When this is the case the people involved are likely to be very discreet in case of partial or total failure. Become hostage to a clinic in clear business purpose they will have to bear the financial consequences , the law on the protection of patients is different from one country to another.
A dentist concentrated solely on its commercial aspect is perfectly viable economically but for patients is another matter. Switzerland is a leader in implant dentistry by the seriousness of its practitioners countries. Treatments are more important the more they will need to be addressed in stages and require monitoring .

This option therefore has non-negligible risks.

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