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Tariff SUVA, transparency, information

The establishment of the dental fee says SUVA required the compilation of a considerable amount of numerical calculation for the data of each shift .

It includes all the specialties of dentistry and includes more than 500 attendances which were assigned to each of them a number of specific points.

It entered into force in 1976 and has been revised in 1994. The point value has not been reassessed since (19 years).

The second revision is planned in the hands of Mr. Prix must decide to accept it.

The points correspond to an average vacation time set for each.

The second parameter is the point value and is expressed in francs. For social insurance and LAA it depends on contractual decisions between the SSO and SUVA .For private patients it depends on the dentist provider based on criteria that are specific ( special training, equipment and importance of infrastructure firm location in urban area ) .

The price of the vacation is obtained by multiplying these two parameters.

This breakdown of benefits added to the number of the affected tooth provides total transparency to the detailed notes of fees.

If transparency is essential in the relationship between dentists and insurers, patients have trouble against decoding complexity of shifts used for a single shutter for example. This does not prevent each patient to analyze his statement of fees to receive and learn from the secretariat or the dentist of any misunderstanding or error found .

The value of the current spot for social insurance and the LAA is 3.10 Fr . For a private patient it cannot in any case exceed 5.80 Fr . See hourly rate.

Since 2001 there is an obligation to every dental practice to display information on the point value practiced ( usually located in the waiting room ) .

The intention was to make it easier for patients looking for a dentist on an economic basis , ie the point value. It is however not completely significant . Dental treatment is always customized effective and sometimes complex , each case is different . Dental benefits can not be easily compared because of a wide variety of choices. This is particularly noticeable when a second opinion is requested from another colleague .

It follows that the treatment plans offered at a low point value may be less economic definitive as it seems .

The legislators have sought to guide patients in finding a practice match their economic needs. More point value should appear in each estimate .
Ultimately the only true test of choice is the relationship of trust in which the personality of the practitioner plays a key role .
The first step in finding a dentist has always been a priority to learn from friends and acquaintances.
Currently more and more colleagues offer the opportunity to learn on their own website allowing an initial assessment that will be confirmed individually during the first consultation .