Always an AMDG Dentist near you

Why join the AMDG and SSO ?

SSO and its cantonal sections gather more than 90% of independent MD working in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and is therefore the representatives of the profession to the public and the authorities ( SSO is the interlocutor to public services especially in the field of post graduation training, training of our staff, and dental  fee.

The SSO has developed a powerful medical-dental system that has proven to encourage medical and dental hygiene and personal responsibility of the patient and the professional  to avoid many dental problems. This is a major contribution to our good dental health and should be supported.

SSO members comply with their code of ethics governing their relationships with patients and colleagues.

SSO publishes several magazines for patients and professionals.

The AMDG-SSO provides its members with legal advice of his secretary. Its services are appreciated because of its excellent knowledge of our professional area and of labor law. We also benefit from the structure of the Federation of Enterprises Romandes (FER) where our office is located.

The AMDG-SSO arranges open guard every day of the year ( 9:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 18:00) which responds to emergencies and is a gateway for new patients in the dental office.

The AMDG-SSO provides its members with a list of collaborators seeking employment, and will soon also propose  job offers.

The Commission for Conciliation, restricted to members of the AMDG, is an entity designed to try and  resolve any disputes.

The AMDG and SSO websites provide lots of information and visibility for each practitioner.

In an economic and regularly increasing complex and challenging environment, only a strong representation of our colleagues can give the SSO credibility nationally and AMDG at the cantonal level. Each friend is invited to participate in its own interest.