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Removable dentures

In case of loss of one or several teeth, your dentist will propose two alternatives, usually one removable and one fixed, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

The patient will choose according to his personal preference and his financial situation.

There are two types of removable prosthesis:

  • Entirely made of resin (base and teeth)
  • A metal frame with gingiva made of resin and teeth made of resin or ceramics.

The denture made entirely of resin is the simplest and least expensive. It is usually used for temporary dentures.

The second type consists of a metal frame (stainless steel, chrome cobalt) upon which gum and teeth are mounted. The retention is assured by clasps adapted to the pillar teeth. These must be adapted precisely by the dentist intraorally (exclusively by a dentist!). After approximately 4 years, the denture might need to be readapted, either directly in the office by the dentist or with the help of a laboratory. The aim is to compensate for the natural loss of the alveolar ridges on which the prosthesis rests, and which give the dentures stability.

In rare cases of allergic patients, the frame can be made of titanium.

When the prosthesis is first placed, the dentist will give instructions to the patient concerning its maintenance in order to ensure a proper aesthetic aspect and to provide durability